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Hiking in the mountains

The Beskydy are one of the most beautiful and at the same time safest mountains in Europe.

In Wisla, tourists will find more than 150 km of hiking, walking, thematic and didactic trails, as well as cycling routes of varying difficulty that will take them through the entire area.

Wisła is located in the middle of the Silesian Beskid at the level of 431 m above sea level in the valley of the Vistula River. It is surrounded from the west by the Czantoria Range (995 m) stretching through Stozek (980 m) to the Kubalonka Pass (761 m), from the east it runs from Rownica (885 m) located above Ustron through Trzy Kopce Wisinska (810 m) to the Salmopol Pass (934 m). In this place the border is the proper ridge of Barania Gora (1220 m) ending in Karolowka.

In the massif of Barania Gora there are the most beautiful specimens of flora. In 1953, a Landscape Park was established there, which includes the upper subalpine forest with natural spruce forest, as an enclosure of the Vistula River springs. Three mountain streams: Czarna and Biała Wisełka and Malinka – after merging to form the Vistula River, constitute a water reserve with a special protection of the brook trout.

Worth seeing attractions are Kaskady Rodla – waterfalls on the thresholds of Biala Wiselka, the most beautiful physiographic phenomenon in the Silesian Beskids, and an unusual panorama of the Beskids, which can be admired from an observation tower on Barania Gora.

There is also a 33 km section of the Main Beskid Trail running through Wisla: Czantoria Wielka – Beskidek – Soszow – Cieslar – Stozek – Kiczory – Kubalonka Pass – Stecowka – Przyslop – Barania Gora – Magorka Wislanska.

On its route there are two tourist hostels: on Stozek and Przysłop near Barania Gora, two private hostels: Soszow near Soszow Wielki and Lepiarzowka on Soszow.  

Find out more about hiking trails in Wisla here:

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