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In the footsteps of Adam Małysz

Spending a weekend or holiday in Wisla, it is worth taking some time to visit places connected with its most famous resident, i.e. Adam Małysz, who made the town famous all over the world.

You can start your excursion in the centre, where in the “Spa House” at B Hoffa Square, there is a 250 cm 250 cm statue of Adam Małysz made of white chocolate. It was made in 2001 by 8 confectioners from the Association of Confectioners of the Republic of Poland from a block of chocolate weighing over 300 kg. 

Being on B. Hoff Square, it is worth walking along the promenade running through the square to see the Avenue of Sports Stars. It contains plaques of athletes or people connected with sport, whose lives were intertwined with Wisla. The collection was initiated by Adam Małysz, later this group was joined by, among others: Jan Legierski, Piotr Żyła, Apoloniusz Tajner, Przemysław Saleta and Janusz Rokicki.

In the town centre by the main road are the ski jumps in Wisla Centrum with construction points K10, K20 and K40. The ski jumps were modernised in 2014 and since then regular competitions of children and youngsters are held on them.

However, these are not all ski jumps in Wisla. To see the most famous one – Adam Małysz Ski Jump you have to go to Wisla Malinka. This is the only ski jump in the world, whose landing hill is a part of a building with tribunes, under which a tunnel for passing cars was built. It hosts summer and winter competitions, both Polish and World Cup competitions. When visiting the hill, you can use the chairlift and also climb the tower from where the jumpers take off for the take-off.

If you are not enough of attractions connected with Adam Małysz and skiing, you can also visit the Ski Museum with a rich collection of skiing equipment, the Gallery of “Adam Małysz’s Sports Trophies” with many souvenirs connected with the career of the champion and Adam Małysz’s Fan Club – Bar Bracki “U Bociana”.

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