Safety rules

Dear Visitors,

For the sake of you, our guests and our employees, we have introduced special safety rules
in connection with the virus COVID-19. Please read them and follow the recommendations.

1. Dispensers with hand sanitizing liquid for guests are located in Willa74.

2. In sanitary and hygienic rooms, there are instructions for washing hands, taking off and putting on gloves, taking off and putting on a mask, and at dispensers In the dispensers with disinfectant liquids there are instructions for proper hand disinfection.

3. A room is prepared for possible isolation of the person with suspected illness.

4. Observe the required spatial distance between staff and guests and between guests – a minimum of 2 metres – and keep the time spent at reception to a minimum.

5. Only 1 guest is allowed at the reception desk.

6. Until the ban under the relevant regulation is lifted, it is strictly forbidden for non-accommodated persons to stay in Willa74 or to use the common lobby.

7. General toilets, reception countertop, doorknobs, handrails, handles and other buttons and frequently touched surfaces are disinfected on an ongoing basis.

8. After each guest, the room and bathroom are thoroughly cleaned, aired and disinfected.

9. Staff are equipped according to guidelines with personal protective equipment (disposable gloves, hand sanitizer, masks or visors) and follow recommended safety, hygiene and good hygiene practices and are vaccinated.

10. Bed linen and towels are disinfected by an external company.

11. Due to the threat of the virus COVID – 19 some of the services of Willa74 have been suspended or limited, (e.g. use of the lobby, cleaning of the rooms during your stay, newspapers), and room facilities have been partially reduced.

12. Towels are changed at reception.

13. The reception is open for a limited time, it is recommended to call 509 470 283 or 516 168 064.

14. Breakfast is delivered to guests’ rooms between 9:00 and 10:30 am.

15. Guests are required to wear protective masks or visors when moving around Willa74.